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The proposed Residential Infill Guidelines establish new “rules” for small scale, medium scale, large scale, and large site infill / redevelopment in Edmonton’s mature neighbourhoods. More specifically, the Residential Infill Guidelines address the preferred location for various types of infill, as well as building design, site design and landscaping, amenities, and parking requirements.

A Consultation Process for Rezoning Large Residential Infill Sites in Mature Neighbourhoods

This report proposes a new approach to the planning, rezoning, and redevelopment of large sites in Edmonton’s mature neighbourhoods. The new process is intended to: facilitate more visionary planning for large sites, involve the community at an earlier stage, involve the Planning and Development Department more actively in managing the public participation process, provide for a more open exchange of information, and provide more follow up after approval of the development. 

Copies of both Draft Reports may be viewed at

For further information, please contact Paula Ainsley, Principal Planner, Smart Choices Program at (780) 496-6094.