Executive - Gold Bar Community League

Gold Bar Executive

Name Position Phone
Adam Rompfer President 780.699.4198
Jamie Melynk Vice-President 780-422-7771
Andrew Mason Financial Director 780.695.9252
Nicole Kraychy Treasurer 780.440.2017
Tammy Schatull Secretary 780.466.2385
Amy Cooper Membership Director 780.668.6836
VACANT Newsletter Director 780.468.2237
Liisa Armstrong Hall Rental Director 780-249-0366
Lorie Smith Bingo Director 780.447.1110
Charlene Orr Bingo Director - Parkway 780.468.0033
Jessica Negrey Bingo Director - Fort Road 780.756.9182
Isabella Pierce Casino / Ringette Director 780.466.3895
Nicole Wadson Soccer Director 780.937.7102
Lindsay Sign Director 780.447.1110
Pat Chmilar Craft Show Director 780.903.8754
Kelly Undershultz Greenshack Program Director 780.434.6533
Sharon Harker Program Director 780.710.4303
Ronda Lisowski Social Director 780.966.3096
BJ Abramic Webmaster

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Gold Bar Community League

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