Executive - Gold Bar Community League

Gold Bar Executive

Name Position Phone
Adam Rompfer President 780.699.4198
Jamie Melynk Vice-President 780-422-7771
Andrew Mason Financial Director 780.695.9252
Nicole Kraychy Treasurer 780.440.2017
Cody Charlene Secretary
Amy Cooper Membership Director 780.668.6836
VACANT Newsletter Director 780.468.2237
Liisa Armstrong Hall Rental Director 780-249-0366
Lorie Smith Bingo Worker Director 780.447.1110
Charlene Lazenby Bingo Director - Parkway 780.468.0033
Jessica Negrey Bingo Director - Fort Road 780.756.9182
Isabella Pierce Casino / Ringette Director 780.466.3895
Lindsay Kocil Sign Director
Vacant Greenshack Program Director
Sharon Harker Program Director 780.710.4303
Ronda Lisowski Social Director 780.966.3096
Lisa Shorten Communications Director
Pat Chmilar Director at Large / Craft Show Director 780.903.8754
Rhae Hansen EPCOR Liaison
BJ Abramic Webmaster

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