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Capital City Clean Up is the City of Edmonton’s year-round litter and graffiti management program, to reduce litter on streets, parks and public places.

  • A clean city is a better place to live, work, and visit.
  • A clean city attracts shoppers, visitors and new business.
  • A clean city is healthier for everyone.

Keeping Edmonton free of litter and graffiti is a shared responsibility.

Everyone from school children and neighbours, to local businesses and community groups can help create a more liveable city. Interested? Consider registering or taking part in one or more of the many great CCCU programs listed on our website.

For more information on Capital City Clean Up programs, visit: www.edmonton.ca/capitalcitycleanup or Call 311



Wrestling with relationships, communication, how to be a good dad?

Dealing with a separation, divorce, job loss… feel empty and alone?

Doesn’t matter what you try, it just doesn’t work out?

Men who have survived these challenges have helped develop programs that answer questions and provide direction!

Intended to help participants understand and better participate in their relationships, the Men’s Support services present opportunities to explore what was and understand how things came to be.  Given these opportunities and pointers to deal with the current situations the participants encourage and support each other to plan & initiate change and develop a better personal foundation.

Many men choose a new direction for themselves and take the first steps to become the person they truly want to be.

"You don't need to go it alone!"

Contact Assessment & Short-Term Counselling 780-496-4777 for information:

·       Men Without Hats - Weekly Drop-in, available all year, north and south side locations.

·       Men's Talk & Do - Structured Weekly program, Winter and Fall Sessions

·       Men & Relationships - Structured Concentrated Weekend, Winter and Fall Sessions

·       From Chaos To Peace - Structured Weekly program, for male victims of partner abuse

Community Services also provides support to:

·       G.A.T.T.E. - Men's Support & Mentor group

·       "The Men of Honor Dinner" - fund raiser for the  Prostitution Action Awareness Foundation of Edmonton



(This information was take directly from The Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues website)

The Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues and the Edmonton Minor Hockey Association jointly created a new system to facilitate the sales of Community League memberships during hockey registration. The following motion was voted on and accepted at EFCL's April 19, 2010 Annual General Meeting by a majority of Community League Voting Members:

“That the Edmonton Minor Hockey Association be granted the right to sell $25 “corporate rate” family Community League Memberships to all of its minor hockey players, during hockey registrations.”


If you know that you have to register for hockey, do not buy your community league membership from your league. Be prepared to pay the mandatory hockey registration $25 corporate community fee for your membership online and at in-person hockey registration.  Community League Membership Cards will not be accepted as proof of payment. So leave your community league card at home.

After registration, if you need your membership card for other sports or programs or recreation discounts and haven’t received it from a league, contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 780-437-2913.

For more information, please check the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues website at www.efcl.org

A note from your Gold Bar membership director: This is a new process and I’m sure there will be some confusion. If you require a membership card before I receive the list from EFCL, please call me and I will make sure you receive a card. Also, be sure to let the door to door canvassers know that you have already paid for a card through hockey. If you have not received your card please ask your canvasser. All canvassers will be informed of the changes for hockey memberships. Any questions please feel free to contact me at 780.465-7294.




The proposed Residential Infill Guidelines establish new “rules” for small scale, medium scale, large scale, and large site infill / redevelopment in Edmonton’s mature neighbourhoods. More specifically, the Residential Infill Guidelines address the preferred location for various types of infill, as well as building design, site design and landscaping, amenities, and parking requirements.

A Consultation Process for Rezoning Large Residential Infill Sites in Mature Neighbourhoods

This report proposes a new approach to the planning, rezoning, and redevelopment of large sites in Edmonton’s mature neighbourhoods. The new process is intended to: facilitate more visionary planning for large sites, involve the community at an earlier stage, involve the Planning and Development Department more actively in managing the public participation process, provide for a more open exchange of information, and provide more follow up after approval of the development. 

Copies of both Draft Reports may be viewed at www.edmonton.ca/smartchoices

For further information, please contact Paula Ainsley, Principal Planner, Smart Choices Program at (780) 496-6094.

Catholic Social Services is a non profit and non denominational organization. As a foster care program, Catholic Social Services offers strong support and guidance to foster families who are carefully matched with children/teens. Our group of experienced workers are on call to you 24 hours a day. Our connection and relationship with you is key to success in fostering because you’re not alone in providing care to children in need. Open your heart, open your home.

For more information please call:

Jan Tworek at 471-1122 or email at

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Come on Gold Bar! Let's show this city how much we care about our community!

Join in by volunteering to be a Block Captain and adopt-a-block in your neighborhood. Adopted areas can be the block where you live (including sidewalks, boulevards, and alley ways), a school yard, or a neighborhood park. Show your civic pride and help keep Edmonton Litter-free!

For more information or to download an application online please go to www.edmonton.ca/capitalcitycleanup


Did you know that Edmonton has a Reuse & Recycle Directory, which lists organizations that will accept donations of used goods?  Call the Waste Hotline at 496-5678 or visit:  www.edmonton.ca/reusedirectory


The Canadian Tire JumpStart Program is a community-based charitable program that helps kids in financial need participate in organized sports and recreation such as hockey, dance, soccer and swimming. With 215 local community-based chapters delivering the program across the country, the organization has given 35,000 children in financial need the chance to play.
For more information please see http://www.canadiantire.ca/jumpstart