Yoga means to yoke or join together in a circle what better place to practice than in your community😊

My yoga career began in 2011 when I completed my 200 hour teacher training and has continued since then with building on hours of teaching and training.

Yoga sparked my interest in other health modalities that included receiving reiki practitioner certification. The energy work of reiki works well with yoga and can be a supportive practice for post surgery, cancer treatments and to enhance a regular wellness routine.

While working as a volunteer at Edmonton Wellspring for 2 years as a yoga teacher reiki was incorporated with the restorative yoga classes.

Another part of my yoga journey was teaching regular classes at Yoga Within and Yoga central yoga studios in Edmonton.

During this time I worked with other teachers holding regular classes and workshops that included various styles of yoga.

Each class includes: breathing practices, yoga postures, meditation and visualization to restore and rejuvenate energy and balance within the body, as well build strength and stability.

The yoga classes that I teach allow you to move at your own pace.

Nutritional therapy is also an area of my interest I completed an online course and recieved a certificate in 2021.

Working in the community has been very rewarding in providing a deeper understanding of how aspects of yoga and combined modalities can be used in daily life to increase overall wellness.

Community groups offer opportunities to relate to one another and share helpful information.

Gold Bar Community members are very supportive and welcoming, I would like to extend the welcome to you to come to yoga at Gold Bar Hall see the website calendars for schedules.

As well at Capilano Community Hall, where I have a morning class every week Wednesdays 10:00 am - 11:00 am